Our Story

A bite of our story

As a family full of food lovers, our journey around the world is mostly through our palates that enjoy the tastes and flavors of different cuisines. Our unique journey, mostly starts in our kitchen and ends at the dining table where we inevitably spend quality time with one another. We think of making food interesting and ways to present it so, not only do our kids relish it, but also, it gives us creative satisfaction. Slowly, we realized that food was our “go to” art for our mental health. It was precisely at this point that we began looking for gourmet ingredients that are fresh, to take our food to another level. It wasn't long before we realized that we needed to go beyond what our regular stores could offer.

The idea of "The Gourmet Pantry" struck us when difficult times hit each and every one of us all over the world. While all the businesses were going downhill, the smaller businesses in particular were the most affected. We decided that it was time to combine our love for fresh ingredients and our business acumen together and create a space that would benefit both the consumers as well as the producers.

Here at “The Gourmet Pantry” we strive to support small, family-run local businesses that prepare gourmet products which add an exotic twist to your regular recipes. We aim to make these products readily available with a click of a button. We are an entirely online business which means we can pass on the benefits to our consumers in terms of better prices!

So, welcome to “The Gourmet Pantry” where we promise to spoil our customers with a plethora of locally sourced gourmet products that stir up your food and create a family of delighted gastronomes!